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Short term furnished / long term unfurnished

Guest Renal Nurse

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Guest Renal Nurse


We hope to come over this winter. Our initial plan is to get short term holiday apartment (or similar) for a couple of weeks or so, while we find an area we like / can afford!.

Just wondering if anyone has advice on whether we should then look for a short term furnished rental (until our container arrives) and then longer term unfurnished v's going straight on to long term unfurnished and roughing it out til our container arrives.

We hope to get into the Seaton HS zone and there's me, hubby, and three sons 15,9 and 7.

Any advice much from those in the know much appreciated.


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Guest adlyn2012



We are planning to get short term furnished like you, then find longer term furnished in the area we like until we start earning and start all over again as we thought our house hold goods are not new and would need renewed soon enough, so not worth shipping over.


i know someone who has made the move and they went into unfurnished untl container arrived and they managed fine, lots of stuff on gumtree or on poms in adelaide people giving stuff away you could use until container arrives, you could even purchase garden furniture and use in house at first and two fridges would come in handy in OZ for beer lol


I am a nurse going to Adelaide on 457 sponsorship visa we I mean hubby, and two boys 13 and 4. Planning to be there for July if all goes well. Would be good to keep in touch maybe meet up once we are there.



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Guest Renal Nurse

Thanks for this adlyn. I think we shall just rough it out and save moving again.

yes, would be good to keep in touch and meet up when we're all down under, exciting times, eh?

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Guest Guest6899

We had a short term fully furnished for 8 weeks whilst we looked about, where we wanted to live and allowed our container to come over. But to be honest could have cut that much shorter. A lot of people move into long term accommodation within a few weeks and make do.. people can lend you things or you can rent beds ect. You can advertise on here and people are willing to assist new migrants.

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Guest Shanners

Hi there,


We find that around 6 weeks is the average stay for short term furnished. Gives you the opportunity to settle in without immediately having to panic about securing a long term rental. Some families are fortunate and get a good rental quickly whilst others are still searching right to the end. Its a bit of a lottery really and depends on what standard you will accept for the longer term accommodation.


We took the bold step of buying an Adelaide property whilst still in the UK and therefore avoided the rental debate. However this "purchase" path is full of complexities and I would only recommend it if you're prepared to take some big risks. It can be a very difficult process.



Best of luck with your plans




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