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What you need to secure rental?

Guest edenfieldpoms

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Guest edenfieldpoms

Hi can anyone please inform me of what documentation you need to show to secure long term rental?

What kind of references do you need?

we aren't closing bank account so can't get one of therm, can we use one from accountant? Do you need character refs, if so who off?

want to get all docs together before computer and printer go in container in 2 weeks.


thanks in advance



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Guest Guest11535

We have 3 months bank statements for Sal and Myself, got my credit report from equifax (cost £2 on line application) asked my neighbours for refs, accountant statement from self employment, ref from suppliers (character and payment of accounts refs) as well as ANZ accounts in Oz, we will be asking our short term landlord for a ref, just got together as much as I could to prove that I am of good character and of funds to support us.


Look on realestate au, LJ hooker etc and there are lists of what they require.


Not long now......till the one way flight.

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we had a similar list to garyupnorth but had a bank statement showing savings in uk. Ljhooker just said that they want to make sure we are good for the rent!

This was one of the things I stressed over as had never rented before and tbh it was easy once we had found a house we liked.

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Guest vikkiann

All we had to show was our driving licences, a bank statement that showed we had funds, mick at md autos kindly offered that we could use him as a reference but they didn't call him. We offered 3 months rent upfront and got the house we wanted.

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Our letting agent asked for contact details for references. As we had never rented before I gave my ex-boss in the UK. But they never contacted him. I showed them my bank balance on my mobile phone. Filled the form out. That was it. No paper work supplied!

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Guest Guest75

It's really hit and miss.

Some agents are really slack and don't do ay checks at all - to the full on search back through seven generations types.


Just be as ready as you can.


Any references both work ad personal look good

Some bank statements.


Some of the guests that stay with us have o references so if they have not trashed our rentals I offer a reference also.

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