Quote needed for storm water & driveway/paths

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    Can anyone give me a quote on completing the storm water at a new build plus putting in driveway & perimeter paths? I have all the plans if you want me to pm you, just think the builder is charging too much.



    Supply and Lay charcoal concrete to single driveway and 1m paths around dwelling includes site prep, rubble Base and finish, soil removal up to 10 tonne included


    Supply and Install stormwater connection to kerb (Subject to engineers drainage plan)


    We will need a patio at the back too but won't do is until we move in as think I may want an under covered area too.


    ​thank you

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    We're going to be using Quantum Pumps for our storm water. The guy who came really seemed to know his stuff and was able to talk about ways we could keep the costs down and still meet the planning requirements. You can contact them on 0422 184 469 and they will be able to give you a rough idea of costs or a full quote from your site plans.

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    Guest Crushfamily

    Stormwater as a rough guide is $1200 for single storey $2000 for double. Charcoal concrete ranges $65-80 per sqm. Earthworks approx $500 per day for prep. 10 tonnes probably in the region of $200-300. Do the math and see if your builder is having a giraffe?

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