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Shopping info please


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I found the Central Market great for fresh food but its not often practical to shop there often. Hubby used to live a couple of blocks from it so was handy for us on a day to day basis.


I found Coles and Woolies a bit pricey and would try to shop around if I could. Perhaps try an online virtual shop at Coles and see what price you come up with for your shopping list. Remember, it'll probably be a bit of a shock compared to UK prices and in some aspects the ranges and choice also. But shopping locally or in cheaper supermarkets can save some.


On my list there would be heaps of yogurt, pasta, fruit, white meat and fish. And throw in some Marmite, cream cheese, jam and other things. So it might not be comparable to what you or someone else would buy. Worth trying a virtual shop.


I'm sure others will be along with an idea of what they spend or buy once they awaken :)

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Guest The Bells


Nobody can give you that as we are all different. what i did a few months ago was to do a virtual shop at Coles, I just put in a random postcode from a house on realestate.com and did a normal shop. Just remember you do earn more there so try not to compare prices as the cost if living is higher.


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Hi. The virtual shop, already suggested, is a good idea. We spend two, maybe three, times what we spent in the UK. With far less choice. The supermarkets are a lot smaller than what I am used too. If you like to make your own meals from recipes you will be fine. If your used to lots of ready meals. There is less choice and they are very expensive. About double your usual UK shop wouldn't be far away from what you will spend here.

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