uni fees on a pr visa

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    Hi all

    Can anyone reassure me that on a pr visa having been in the country under 2 yrs by the time my son goes to uni, that I will pay the normal yearly fees for that course upfront. Around the $4000 mark per yr for a bachelor of science degree. As I understand it he will not be eligible for any student loans as he won't be a citizen.

    Someone recently mentioned to me that he might have to pay the higher fees of a foreign student which is a huge difference and approximately $23000 a year!

    Cheers for any info


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    He will pay the domestic student fees, but yes you're right, he wont be eligible for fee help


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    Guest Guest12727

    Yes, you will need to pay around $4000 per semester, and there are 2 semesters per year.


    More precisely, fees vary depending on the program being studied. Fees are charged per course, according to the band they sit in. You can look up the fees for each program your son is interested by going on the Uni websites. Program information includes the fees for it.


    A Bachelor of Science at Adelaide Uni is

    Commonwealth-supported place: $8,250 per year (

    i.e.$4125 per semester)



    This link at UniSA explains about the different bands for each subject (course). A whole degree is called a program.



    The other uni is Flinders


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