South Australia Driving Fines upto 5 x's that of other states

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    SOUTH Australian motorists face fines more than five times the size elsewhere, for the same offence. And some actions illegal in SA are not against the law in other comparable parts of the world. Stopping in an emergency lane carries a fine of $239 here. In Queensland, the penalty is $44. Fail to update your address on your SA driver's licence and you face a fine of up to $172. It's $50 in WA.

    Stopping near a post box here is nearly twice as punishing as in Queensland - $85 versus $44.

    SA also imposes a $60 "victim of crime levy" on all infringements - even those that are not criminal.

    The Advertiser is not aware of any other Australian jurisdiction that does this.

    Inconsistent and over-the-top penalties have triggered calls for greater uniformity state to state and an end to "revenue raising".



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    That is absolutely inequitable,but doubt anything will be done about it.


    Apathy seems to prevail here in terms of instigating change on the things that really matter.


    The disparity in the sums involved is pretty unbelievable.


    One of our drivers for coming to SA was the purported lower cost of living and now with this kind of thing and the highest electric bills in the world,that clearly is no loger the case.



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    I didn't even know it was law that you couldn't park near a postbox. I do try and remind new arrivals about having to park the same way as the flow of traffic as this is something that they quite often get in trouble for. My first driving offence was parking our car in a 2P zone and going to the city for the day. I didn't realise 2P meant 2 hours of parking only, silly me thought it was a marker to remind me where I had parked

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