Ugly Electrification

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    As a deliberately once-a-year ping-ponging pom (children and grandchildren here, step-children and grandchildren in the UK), I sometimes forget about pomsin and miss out on news and debates as a result.

    One thing I have been wondering is whether much has been discussed about the electrification of the Noarlunga line. Is it just me, or does anybody else think it's Ugly, Ugly Ugly? Could they have possibly put the electrics underground? Too expensive maybe? But all those poles must have cost a fortune!

    I know that railway corridors are traditionally ugly (without the capital U), but I really feel for the residents of Marino, Marino Rocks and Hallett Cove who had great sea views over the railway line, and now have to peer past huge metal poles and a mass of overhead cables.


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    Guest Guest75

    It's Cak innit???


    I reckon it has devalued so many homes along the track that had views over the line to the sea. Noticed there are a lot more houses for sale in this sort of situation.

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