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    I am at the moment going through with a sponsirship with an agent to move to Adelaide and start working at the Womens and Childrens Hospital as a neonatal nurse in March 09.

    Any nurses out there who can give me any advise on the difference in nursing in Oz to nursing in the UK,and whats the hospital like to work in.


    Thanks Lisa(33)




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    I work at the WCH, but in PICU. Ihave gone relieving a couple of times to NICU and SCBU. The nurses there have always been helpful.

    The WCH is a good place to work, there is a gym you can join, a cafeteria and a cafe on the playdeck that is open weekdays. You can put your name on the the list to get a card for the car park. It's about $50 a fortnight. If you want to park in the streets then you must get here early and the parking ticket inspector patrols regularly.

    There is a social club that does outings etc that you can join.

    If you have PR you can also apply to salary sacrifice. The WCH lets you sacrifice upto 50% of your pretax income into a set number of items, like personal loans, mortgages, school fees, utility bills and rent and superannuation. You then get taxed on what is left when this amount has been taken out.

    You get 6 weeks annual leave if you work over 7 day roster.

    Penalty rates are 12.5% late, 18.5% night, 50% sat, 75% sun, 150% public hols.

    If you work full time you also get a PDO(paid day Off)

    They will pay amount equal to 9% of what you earn into a superannuation fund. You can make extra payments into this if you choose.

    You get 150 hrs sick/carers leave a yr, this rolls over each financial year. You can also access thisfor a moving house day or some other urgent pressing need.

    They provide your uniforms- full time 3 shirts, 2 skirts or trousers.


    Hope this helps


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