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    Hi All,


    Thinking of either returning for good in the future and / or spending a few months in UK and few in oz every year...


    Have no UK bank accounts.


    Can anyone recommend any way of opening a UK simple bank account ??


    It was really easy when we came to Oz....


    any help greatly appreciated






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    we have a similar intent as yourselves, in that we will be spending 6 months in each country, though we already have, actually kept our uk bank, it is with the HSBC which have branches here in Aus, so maybe you could go and ask them, or if any other banks have affiliates in both countries. The money laundering laws make things a little harder these days, so more questions will need to be asked and answered.

    Good luck.

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    Guest Claire-n-tel

    Hi Lynne :smile: Are you wanting to open one from here or when you go back? I'm not sure but i think it is agaist uk law to open an account for a non resident. I'm not sure how it works but someone told me a while ago you can open a sterling account in Guernsey or Isle of Man??........maybe Andy on here can help you more??......i can't think what his user name is now......


    coooooeeeee....andy are you there?!


    Someone will know who i mean or be more help?!:jiggy:

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    When I was over in UK at xmas I called in to see my bank (HSBC) about a mortgage/bridging loan, they advised it would be easier to open another account with HSBC in Aus as this would help in getting around the laundering and give me a better chance of getting the loan, they also know that I emigrated to Aus some 14 years ago and had no problem then or since about my not living in the country, my postal address was a 'care of' my parents home.

    But hey rules change all the time and can be different from one country to another in either direction. but worth an ask!

    PS there is an HSBC in Grenfell st in the city.



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