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I got my resident visa June 2011 sub class 176 and validated Christmas 2011. Am currently still in the uk sponsoring my wife for her visa. We are hoping to be moving out to adelaide April 2015. On my visa sticker it says must not arrive after June 2016. Does this mean that at some point I will have to re new my visa in 2016 for travel purposes outside of Australia. I guess 2016 would be too early for us to become citizens?

anybody know how to go about this? Not that we are planning on going anywhere once we finally arrive!

thanks in advance

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I think you have to apply for what they call a residents return visa if you want to leave Australia after that time. As for renewing your visa can you ask your wife's CO as to what/how you go about doing that?

Cheers that's a help I will get her to ask him. And tell him to get a move on!!! Can't wait to get over there!

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