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Stradbroke School R-7


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Hi Guys


Does anybody have child/children at this school - it is in Rostrevor?


What are your thoughts about the school?


I am a Family Daycare Provider and I am trying to help out one of my 'parents'...her son will be going to school in Jan 2015 and English is his second language - they live quite close to Magil school but feel they would like a school that does the 'IB' programme.


Thanks for taking the time to read this

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Both my kids go to Stradbroke school. We've been very happy with it but then we only have experience of this school and the one they went to in the UK. I know they had some problems with a violent child a few years ago which prompted them to put in place some proper policies for dealing with problem children, but I haven't heard of anything similar happening since.


I believe the school has a fair proportion of kids who do not have English as their first language. They have a special program for kids who speak Italian at home (Rostrevor has a high proportion of Italian families) and I believe they have started something similar for Korean children, or have some specialist Korean help or something. I haven't really paid much attention as it doesn't affect us.


I would get the parents you are trying to help to have a look at the website and also see if they can arrange a tour of the school. On the website there is something called the context statement that gives information about the cultural make up of the school and the teaching focus. All schools have to have them and I found them useful when we came over to select a school. It's a popular and large school -one of the largest in the state apparently - which doesn't suit everyone, but it is friendly and the teaching and support staff all seem professional, friendly and helpful. Feel free to PM me if there are any more specifics I can help with.

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