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Arriving early Sept!

Guest Loopylou

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Guest Loopylou

Hi Everyone


We're looking to migrate early Sept. My husband is a qualified Bricklayer and I'm a Level 3 qualified Early Years Practitioner. We have 2 children, a daughter who's 11 and loves her athletics and tennis and a son who's 9 and he loves minecraft and basketball.


Would anyone know what the construction industry is like at the moment? I understand from other posts that my husband would need to apply for a white card to enable him to be able to work on a building site. Is that something we could do in the UK?


Any advice, really appreciated



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No,, don't do a white card on line they will tell you that are accepted all over Aus but they are not they are not worth the paper they are written on. There is some work out there but not a lot, most of the bigger Construction jobs are just finished or just coming to an end in the next few months they will be some 5000 construction jobs lost between the end of last year and the next few months with all the bigger works coming to an end. My son is a bricklayer here the guy he works for has him and two other brickies +lab they are slow at the moment they are working for a week then have to have a couple of days of as there is not enough work to keep them going. Most of the bricklayers are self employed so the days they are not working no pay.

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The online card acceptance varies from state to state and even company to company, so in agreeing with Ian then the best bet is to do the (1day ?) course once your here, these courses are very regular (maybe even daily) so there should be no real hold-up in getting one.

Work wise I would also agree with Ian, and you will really have to put yourself around to get work in SA at the moment.

Good Luck


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