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Hi Everyone!


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Just thought I'd better introduce ourselves as we've been browsing this forum on and off for years now and have finally managed to get ourselves into gear with moving over to Adelaide.


As a bit of background, we came over 5 years ago and stayed at Tyke's place in Woodcroft for a reccie. Had an excellent time and hubbie would have moved over then but house in Uk took ages to sell and exchange rate started to dip which meant that for us, a move was postponed until we were in a better place financially.


Well, since then we have always had an eye on moving to Adelaide and now that eldest is due to start secondary school here in sept we decided it was " now or never" and have applied for Partner Visa for me (hubbie is an Aus citizen and kids now also have citizenship). We have just agreed a sale on our UK house and hope this will be processed by July which is when my partner visa should be through and then...............the adventure begins!


Anyway, "Hi" to you all. There is myself ( 38 year old Probation admin), hubby ( 39 year old Police civilian) daughter 11, and two boys 10 and nearly 3. Daughter likes most sports and plays violin, eldest son loves his x box and Dr Who and little one just muddles along amongst the chaos! Husband is a major American Football fan but will be in a need of a new team team to support now and I am just happy to be sitting in the sun sipping wine!


We are looking at the hills areas( belair, coromandel valley, flagstaff etc. as liked these previously and they seem to have good schools. Also looking at areas around Norwood Morialta High school zone but may prove out of our price range.


Hi all! hope to meet some of you lovely people very soon.....


Devonair :smile:

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Hello :)


All sounds good. Hope the house sale and move goes well.


We like the areas you mention. Craigburn primary is zoned, it's a lovely school. I hear good things About Flagstaff primary and others up and around there.


Enjoying life here. Just one thing I will mention as I know it catches many out who wish to return to live in the UK at a later date, but if your hubby doesn't already have citizenship for the UK he should consider applying before you move. With the changes made to the UK partner visa it is really tough to go back if indefinite leave to remain expires and without citizenship.


Drop me a PM if you want to chat or anything :)

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Thanks Snifter


Husband and kids all have dual nationality so should be ok to return to UK but thanks for the heads up. I have looked online at Craigburn primary and it looks good but most primary schools in that area seem good so it'll just depend where we end up.


Anyway, Happy Easter - back to the choccies in drizzly UK!

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Hello! I'm another one married to an Aussie. We also moved over just before our eldest was due to go to secondary school in the UK. I like the fact that due where his birthday falls he got to do another 2 and a bit years of primary here in the UK. We also looked in the Norwood Morialta High school zone when considering where to live. Ideally I would have liked to have been within the Adelaide High, Glenunga or Marriatville zones but they were definitely out of our price range. We ended up in Rostrevor which, on the right side of the creek, is in the zone for Norwood Morialta, but is slightly cheaper than the Magill and Tranmere areas. It also means we are within walking distance of the primary school here (Stradbroke primary) and the lower school of the senior school and we are just 5 minutes from my mother in law (a good thing).


When looking at schools have a look at the myschool.edu.au website. This has the zones for the schools and the Naplan results. There are no league tables here but you can make your own by creating your own spreadsheet with each school you are considering and out in the results from the myschool website. My OH did this before we came over which helped to decide we weren't making any huge mistakes choosing the schools we were. Year 12 results aren't published anywhere that I've been able to find though so not so great for comparing seniors schools. Also have a look at this site http://house.ksou.cn/. It's a Chinese site designed to help people choose areas to live in and they have basically done there own league tables of all the schools using the Naplan results from the myschool website. It also has lots of information on suburbs but if your OH is from Adelaide he will probably have his own opinions anyway.

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