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Settling in Seacombe Gardens


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Hi all, so we are here and finally in our rented accomodation in Seacombe Gardens. Now thw waiting game for our container to arrive.


Is anyone else living in this area? I see alot have decided to go abit further south. Theres myself, my husband and our 2 and a half year old daughter. Would be great to meet up with other newbies or people who have maybe been here a while and can share their knowledge. Im desperate to know where a good hairdresser and beautician are near me if anyone can help with that? Info on things like daycare ect would also be a great help.

Hopefully catch up with some of you soon :smile:

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Hey :) we are not too far away at present.


I go to an eyebrow studio just of Jetty road in Glenelg that's very good. They do other stuff too. Manicures and nails you can get done at no end of places, not that I use them but there are a lot around. A few places over at Marion that are always busy.

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Hi we have been here nearly 2 weeks and are now looking to settle in Somerton Park as we want to try and get our son into Brighton Secondary school!


We have got friends who are fab hairdressers from U.K., settled in Henley pm me if you want their details.


Other than that it's trial and error, we had our 13 year old sons haircut this week in Glenelg where we were staying!!



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Bal - have you looked at Warradale and a couple of other suburbs a bit in from the coast ones as some (or part) of those fall in the Brighton zone.


Also, in that area you could also fall in the Paringa Park primary zone. Lovely school if you've younger ones.



Hi Snifter,


We only need Secondary school for our youngest and we have had our application approved on a long term rental now in Somerton Park, we were lucky enough to go into a real estate and they had a property come available as someone was breaking lease who child already goes to the school.


The turnaround on rentals in that area is really fast, we managed to view a house, fill in application form and get approval within 24 hours and exactly the house I wanted!!


They are making the catchment area bigger as of 2015 too!!

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