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    Hi guys. Need some advice on shipping and insuring goods.


    1. Any recommendations of good value for service shipping companies


    2. Same for insurance companies. I intend to insure seperately and not take insurance through shipping co.


    3. Regarding wooden furniture whats the risk of shipping wooden bed frames, coffee tables etc. Would they be quarantined resulting in extra charges.


    4. I wont be shipping garden furniture because of quarantine issues but am wondering if kids' bicycles would have quarantine issues.


    Any other tips would be welcome



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    Any of the main companies are worth getting a quote from. Get a few in, see how they compare.


    Insurance would most likely be either Insure Your Move (IYM) or Letton Percival.


    Treated wood is fine. We shipped wooden furniture fine.


    Clean bikes well before shipping. Use a good disinfectant like Zoflora. Don't leave dirt or mud on them. Our were cleaned thoroughly before we shipped and all were fine. It's the dirt and stuff will get picked up on by customs. Same for shoes and boots. I used Zoflora on them all. Customs did check both boxes of shoes and the tub of Christmas decorations. Both were passed fine :)

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