boys clothes wanted

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    Unfortunately my son is 11 so you'd be holding onto those for a while! I'm not sure where you've settled but I was shopping in Savers in Noarlunga earlier this week and was amazed at what they had in there - I came away with 3 pairs of jeans, a pair of Addidas training pants and an evening dress that I'm going to turn into an "Elsa" dress for our youngest, some decent Tupperware and a couple of books for $40. It's a second hand shop and I'm not sure if they have branches but if you're down south it may be worth a look. Also there are quite a few op shops which are pretty good; if you don't mind trawling for a while. Again there are two right next to each other on Grange Road just past the Findon Road junction.

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    There is an op shop on Diagonal Rd (the Darlington end) selling loads of baby and kids clothes. They have a table that during school hols everything on it is half price. So a grand total of 10C per item instead of 20C :cute: Plus other clothes at varous $ prices.


    I may have some stuff but think I passed most of my age 4 stuff on last summer. If I have anything it'll be age 5. Let me have a look as chances are I have a few tees and shorts floating round. I'll drop you a PM if I have anything.

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