Four Corners programme tonight on Job Providers

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    Just watched the programme tonight about Job Providers.


    I found it quite disturbing- I have a son who is on the dole, has to report to his Job Provider every fortnight with 10 jobs applied for and with all documentation to substantiate this and all rejections.


    After a year, they have found him no jobs, offered him no courses, or work experience and now he does 2 days per week "work for the dole" working in a charity shop doing shelf stacking. He has 5 Cert IIs in various trade skills, a White Card, full driving licence and access to transport and has paid for his own forklift course, and has a current police check.


    The job provider did offer him some volunteer work doing recovery work in the hills but he had to supply all his own work clothing and equipment from an extensive list as they had no money in their budget and my son would have to pay for this himself. He was supposed to attend a half day workshop with them on how to dress for interviews but they cancelled it after people had showed up as they had no money to run it.


    To keep himself busy he works in truly volunteer capacity at a local hospital one day per week as well, (not that it is counted towards his work for the dole).


    The amount of money these organisations receive from the govt is in the billions, and it seems they continue to receive money even if he finds himself a job- What a racket!

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    Meadows,that is appalling and i am so sorry that your son is going through this.


    The lack of funding is disgraceful.


    The situationfor youth here is presently worsening thats for sure.


    My daughter is at uni but the retail hrs she gets from her part time are minimal and it is a struggle.


    Really hope something turns up for him soon.



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    I didn't see the programme so not sure the sort of story it reported.


    Echoing the above, so sorry to hear your son is going through all this and not found a job yet. He sounds like he is a decent young man with plenty of skills and with some good extras. Hope something comes up for him soon.

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