I need a panel beater - southern suburbs

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    Hi all,


    So on Friday i parked my car in the CBD, went to get it after work and some lovely person had crashed into the side, smashing my right wing mirror off and dinting my drivers door and bit near the bumper - needless to say they didn't leave a note, just my wing mirror smashed to pieces on the floor!


    Does anyone know any panel beaters that do private work willing to have a look? I am looking to get it done asap. Wanting to avoid going through insurance as i am a new driver still on my p's. It would be a bonus if anyone is available to come this evening!


    I am in Woodcroft.


    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know of a panel beater...sorry.... but I share your pain!

    I have a little Suzuki Alto. It's been hit three times in the past year.

    First time was in the carpark opposite the entertainment centre...crashed into the side whilst we were in the car and tried to drive off!

    Second time was the neighbour across the road who reversed into problem, claimed on their insurance.

    The third time was a couple of weeks ago...neighbour again but they didn't own up this time...just cost me $450 in excess.

    I used Hower crash repairs in Lonsdale.

    Hope that you find someone.:biggrin:

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