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Where to go?

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    Hi everyone!

    My husband and I are hoping to move to SA on a 190 visa.

    We have a little girl so were wondering where is best for children in terms of schools, location etc?

    Any advice welcome.

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    Hi MrsP,

    That is a really difficult question!

    What work will you be doing and where will it be located?

    Are you beach, city or country folk?

    Will you be renting or buying a property?

    Do you have friends or family here?

    There are so many varied areas. I am happy where I live and the local schools serve the needs for my growing group of grandchildren.

    Have you been here before or do you intend to do a reccie?

    My advice would be to secure a short term rental for a few weeks and a hire car and do some exploring. Different areas will appeal to you for their different reason.

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    hi, were not towny type people, ideally beach or near beach in countryside. we are looking to rent as would like to be able to move areas before settle on a perm basis. as long as the schools and life for little one are good were not to worried

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    Hello and welcome. My main question when you say not towny types and wanting to be near beach or countryside, are you thinking of basing in and around Adelaide or are you looking to go elsewhere in the state to a far more country location as it were. The second largest 'city' in SA is Mt Gambier with a population of about 26,000 people and its 5 or so hours from Adelaide.


    If you are wanting somewhere in and around Adelaide (and realise I mean the entire area, not just the city itself) you've a long list of possibles to explore from some smaller towns and so on in the Adelaide hills to the coastal suburbs further down south and also places like Victor Harbor. Mostly it will depend on your work and a few other things.


    We didn't want beach and so opted to live in the foothills on the very edge of a suburb in the foothills of Adelaide. Its a 10 minute drive in the car to get to a beach. Good school options (at least IMHO) and being so quiet it doesn't feel like being anywhere near a city but we can be in the CBD within half an hour if we need to be. I think we've got a good balance and it works for us.

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