Christmas Lights!

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    Christmas Lights. Its a thing here. Rather a big thing :biggrin:


    The main ones are at the Brewery Lights. Can read more about them here and see some pics to give you a better idea. On each night till January 3rd. Allow time to find a park and wander over. And top up the mozzie repellant if you can.



    Then there are the other small towns and suburbs with their light displays. Sometimes a large chunk of the town takes part, other times its a street in a suburb, sometimes just one or two houses in a street somewhere. The fun is getting out and spotting them. We've visited a few and some of the bigger house displays don't mind you walking round the garden, checking it all out up close. Usually we are at home, it gets dark and if we are all in the mood we hop in the car and take off to go find some new lights in the local area. Only takes half an hour or so but its a bit of fun in the run up to Christmas and the younger kids especially seem to enjoy it. Makes it more Christmassy somehow if you still find hot Christmas a strange thing. Oddly the air con turned up high adds to the feeling when driving in the dark trying to spot the lights on houses :cute:



    Westminster School also do some lovely lights. Probably one of my favourites to go visit as its a lovely setting to wander at night. Plus there is a choir in the chapel and other things.





    Feel free to share any you've visited and enjoyed :)

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