Visa to Bali

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    Hi Friends. I need an Important information about my trip to bali.

    I have booked my package to bali later this month for 5 nights and 6 days. Now as I am as Australia permanent Resident but still have Indian passport so do i need a bali visa before fly?

    I asked the travel agent he says you just need visa on arrival but airlines says u need a visa before fly.

    My question is on the Indonesian tourism website, It clearly mention that For indian passport Holders, the visa is on arrival and as i have australian visa too so will there be any problem to fly? Do i really need a visa before I fly/


    Thanks Guys


    Really appreciate the valuable reply.



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    Afaik your Aus visa will count for nothing in Bali. Its the country you hold a passport for, that will dictate if you need to arrange a visa prior to departure or not.

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