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    any advice for a safe site to watch uk tv ?

    there are a couple but not sure if they're worth paying for.







    Hi Peter: Look no more! We watch UK tv nearly every evening via a fab VPN site called HOLA! Just Google 'Is HOLA! safe?', and put your mind at rest by finding out all about it and how it works. It was recommended to me over a year ago by a good friend (English) here in Adelaide and I've had it ever since. All you need to do, when it asks for your UK postcode during the download process, is type in your old UK postcode, which makes it think you're watching from the UK. That's what I did, and other friends I've told about HOLA! did the same - even though they don't live there anymore - and Hey Presto!, you've got UK tv on tap! It's brilliant, perfectly safe and FREE!! Tonight, for instance, my husband and I watched episodes two and three of the latest 'Vera' Series on ITVbe, and this afternoon we watched Ep3 of the latest hilarious UK Gogglebox, miles better than the Aussie version, which doesn't quite 'hit the spot' where off-the-cuff humour is concerned, imo. You can also watch UK tv progs through another website called DailyMotion and don't forget, YouTube have most UK tv programs. Don't pay for it, because there's no need. Just check all these sites out and see for yourself. And don't worry, they're all perfectly safe! Happy viewing!

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