John Browning

Balmy barmey

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    New chum alert:



    So, just as you were wilting.....



    The rains ( -aka "The Follow Up"- ) have arrived, and you about experience something totally weird :



    Just as you thought you were getting your head around this barmy place


    -We're about to slip seamlessly from an Australian Summer


    ...straight into an English Spring



    JB :swoon:



    and for those of you who are resident aliens.....don't forget to spray your roses with wettable sulphur - the milldew is gong to be a killer this year

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    So do I need to bring my summer clothes or my winters clothes in April hmmm decisions decisions

    I know I will bring layers and put on as necessary lol

    i have allready bought a pair of fur lined wellies in Matalan for 2 quid for walking my dog so am prepared

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