48 hours till we fly and i just want to get on that plane!!

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    We're on the last legs of our time in the UK and what a stressful few days/ weeks it's been. I have to say I underestimated the emotions/ anger/ frustration and denial that you can be on the receiving end from your parents. We chose to spend the last couple of days with my dad, but as we live an hour away, have also tried to accommodate letting our girls see their best friends one last time...oh, have I been made to feel like the bad guy, from the "I may never see my grandchildren again" to the "they seen their friends loads, what about me"... I just can't win and it's sad as I'm getting to the point where i just want to go to avoid a fall out with my dad (who will be out for Xmas)..and has lived with our nomadic lifestyle for the last 17 years as we've lived in Canada, Germany and Scotland. He's had so many opportunities to spend time with his grandchildren but chose his golf/ his holidays/ his partner...arghh!


    A word of warning to those embarking on this adventure...emotions run high!! I knew he would be upset but the anger and frustration he is showing is actually ruining the time he has with us, but to broach the subject would just case a row. I think this is really sad, especially as he took me to live overseas when I was only 3!! I'm biting my tongue but this is such a frustrating and upsetting end to our time in the UK. I doubt we are alone in this but at a time when I want to be excited about our adventures ahead i just feel saddened.


    Ok, rant over and thanks for listening:arghh:




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    Hey Sarah. Definitely not alone, lots of people experience similar sentiments from their loved ones in the run up to them leaving. I think you are being very wise and keeping quiet. Its not worth the fall out and upset. It won't be long till you are on the plane and on your way here.


    I remember just wanting to be on the plane in those last few days. Thankfully we stayed in our house till the day we left, albeit camping out in it. And saw my parents the weekend before we flew out so didn't have that added emotion.


    Hopefully you'll be able to get to the airport, let out a deep breath and look forward :) Looking forward to hearing how it goes when you get here.

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    I think being able to vent on the forum releases some of the tension and biting your tongue with your Dad is the best way

    We were always lucky that my parents wanted what was best for us and the kids even though it broke their hearts

    Having left both the UK and Adelaide with eyes red raw from crying I know exactly how you feel

    Once you on the plane take a deep breath and say phew

    Good luck for the journey and settling in Adelaide

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