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Celebrate the Return of the Whales...

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    This Sunday, 29 May, Victor Harbour's whale centre is holding the Whale Time Playtime!


    $5 pays for entertainment including shows, the story tent, free rides, craft activities, entry to the Whale Centre...and heaps more!


    There's parking, tram rides etc as well as a pram park once you enter the festival. It runs from 10am until 4.30pm and looks like it will be a lot of fun :cute:.



    Hope to see you there!


    :cool: LC

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    I took my youngest and a friend to a Jellyfish workshop run by the Whale Centre over the last holidays - we made jellyfish in a bottle; the 'jellyfish' was a plastic bag... the irony of using a plastic bag to represent a jellyfish whilst having a display warning of the dangers of plastic bags to sea creatures such as turtles seemed entirely lost on the Centre staff.

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