Shipping from N. Ireland to Adelaide

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    Hi Folks


    New to this Forum, quite latterly haven't done a thing yet. looking for advice / experience's on shipping from N. Ireland to Adelaide. probably moving most furniture from a 3/4 bedroom house. including kids and adults bicycles.






    PS apologies if this question has been asked before.

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    Hi Jonathan, welcome to the forum. I haven't shipped from Northern Ireland but have shipped the contents of my house from the UK to Adelaide. We requested quotes from 4 different companies but only two actually made it to our house so we chose the best quote from them. There are loads of places that ship internationally although I'm not sure how many operate where you are. We used Robinsons and Pickford also quoted for us. We tried to get quotes from PSS and Doree Bonner but they didn't make it to our house. Other people have used John Mason and Crown. If you have a look through past threads you will probably see other companies mentioned as well.


    One thing I will say though is do not get insurance through the shipping company. Use a seperate company like Letton Percival or Insure Your Move instead. Things can go wrong with any shipping company (you can probably find horror stories on any of them) but people who insure separately have much better experiences when claiming than those you have insured through the shipping company. Plus the seperate companies are much cheaper.

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