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We have just been granted PR visas, we will be activating our visas in October & making the permanent move next year (or the year after, depending on our house sale). We are looking at Brighton, Glenelg (know the high school here is rated good; although depending on our funds may not be able to afford the space we need). Does anybody know what the primary & high school is like near Seacomb Gardens or Marino? We are looking at this area because of the tram line & it seems more affordable. We have a 9 year old, 2 year old & newborn baby. I will also be looking for a job in plumbing/gas, I wonder if anybody has relocated with similar skills & if they have any advise & tips? I know this is going off the subject of schools.

Many Thanks

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Hello and welcome :)


Given your child is 9 you have a few years yet before high school is a concern. I'd focus on areas with decent primary schools and when the time comes closer for high school, if you feel you need to move or look elsewhere for options then do so then. I need to check schools in the area but know Paringa Park primary is a lovely school although it is zoned and they enforce it strictly these days.

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Hi there..welcome!


It could have been me writing your thread...10 years ago! In 2007 we researched and decided that Brighton was the school to send our kids to. We then rented a furnished house in the Marino area...only to find that it wasn't zoned for the Brighton school (after arriving and renting the house!).


After hiring and then buying a car we did some exploring and decided to buy a house in Port Noarlunga and send our children to a local school.


Don't stress too much about schools and don't try to settle on suburbs from the other side of the world. Give yourselves a few weeks, do some exploring, set up some visits at schools in suburbs that you like and it will all fall into place.


The best laid plans often go astray! :smile:

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