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Outdoor pool in November???

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Just after insiders opinions.... 

We are set to relocate to Adelaide end of October beginning of November 2019, and along with a million and one other things we are thinking about, wanting to know if we would use an outdoor non heated pool enough at that time of yr to warrant paying extra to rent house with one. 

Thanks ☺

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Hmmm, well my FIL has an unheated one and unless spring has been really toasty we don't tend to dip our toes till mid December onwards. Usually not till closer to Christmas and school hols. And if we don't have a steady warm/hot spell it can still be pretty nippy even then. 

TBH if you are just starting off, I'd suggest there are other things to put your money towards in terms of spending (you'll have many costs in terms of setting up and I'd save where I could to begin with) and see how you go making use of the amazing beaches and open air pools dotted around Adelaide. Ones like Marion outdoor pool for example. It has 3 pools, large pool, kids pool and toddler pool. Both the ones for kids have sun shades over. Plus lots of open grass space or shady spots for picnic blankets and chairs. Toilets, showers, cafe, BBQ area and a couple of water slides set apart from the pools. We go there a few times over the summer and kids love it. Same with using places like Tusmore Park https://playandgo.com.au/index.php/tusmore-park-paddling-pool-more-review/  Fab park with a paddling pool that kids love to use. 

A pool at home can be great but bear in mind it also needs upkeep, maintenance (cleaning, chemicals etc), topping it up and if you've got small kids, the worry of them getting into the pool area unsupervised could be a concern. We love the beaches and public pools so make good use of them. Plus use a pool at a friend or family members house on occasion. However, its only really the kids use the pool then and even then they are only in for about half an hour and then out and off doing other stuff. 

If you really want a house with a pool regardless then you'll try to get one. I don't know if the market has many going, it can perhaps be a hassle for landlords re fencing and upkeep. Also I'd guess insurance may come in to it but cannot be certain. I just listed pools as an option on realestate in a various mix of suburbs and got no returns unless I was going to the much higher end of the rental price bracket. If you are being a bit more cautious with regards to setting up costs and time it could take to find a job etc, then I'd seriously consider saving any extra cash and wait a while and not rush into renting with a pool straight from the off. Also there just may not be many about to give you decent options area wise to suit your start up budget. 






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The idea of having a place with a pool is often appealing. I can understand why new arrivals are keen to experience the Aussie dream as it were. 

I don't know if pools are the norm here as much as they used to be though. Not in the sub divided new builds as they often hardly have any backyard space and what there is is more an entertaining area undercover or open with table, chairs etc set outside. 

If you were already coming round to not having a place with a pool and you recognise there are genuine reasons to perhaps hold off to start with that's a good thing. You'll work it out over time and hopefully if you do then decide you are sticking around and can find a rental or house you love and want to buy with a pool in an area you like and want to settle in the longer term then that may well work out well. 

Personally, I love the idea of one, don't like the work involved for upkeep and maintenance for how much actual use it would get. Happy to make use of FIL's as and when we are that way on a nice summers day but we love the beach of an evening for a dip. We did put in an offer on a house with an above ground fibreglass pool with decking and fencing all round when we were buying here. Hubby is from here and was adamant he didn't want a pool as didn't want the hassle of it all. He had discounted every house up till then if it had a pool 😅 I loved this house however, he liked it also so he was happy to put in an offer on it. Our plan had we bought the house had been to use the pool for a summer and see if we thought it was worthwhile keeping for a while longer and if not to then get it removed and have the extra yard space. We were both leaning toward taking it out had we bought the house. Thankfully we didn't get that house. Even I'm glad now we didn't 😜 Kids love when the sprinklers go on on a hot day and have fun water fights with super soakers so have other ways to cool off out in the yard 😎 




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