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Tafe sa


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Just applied for the eldest to go in January; he ain't keen, but lifes a b*tch innit?:err:



HaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaI think I've just woke Niamh up laughing.:biglaugh::biglaugh:



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Guest katsmajic

Im at TAFE at Noarlunga, its chilled, laid back etc, mostly based round vocational education - hands on etc.


Theres lots of mixed age groups in there and lots of support for students.


My 16yr old goes there too and loves it as they dont treat her like a kid apparently...

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Guest Nicky, Alan and Kids

Hi my daughter is at Noarlunga Tafe, very chilled from what she tells me, wanted her to go back to school but she wasnt having any of it,luckly she agreed on Tafe and is enjoying it, she has even enrolled to stay on

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Hi All,

good news. James has got an offer of a place at the city campus:); the course is in computer science stuff (dead easy, apparently).......starts in February.

got to pay up front:sad: and within the next 10 days!!

Oh, it will be fine, as long as the case officer now believes he IS dependent on his dear old mum for life, living and paying his way...........

Thanks for all your help guys.

See you in 24 days, yay


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Guest Nicky, Alan and Kids

Hi Jane


Glad he has got a place,yes the fees are quite high, we got a slight reduction due to our visa, but still a bit of a shock at the cost

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