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Is the UK housing market affecting rentals in Aus


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Hi Denise,

sorry about your house sale flopping; downer.


From what i can garner, the rental market is quite hot in Adelaide..............:arghh:.

We have had a few agents tell us on the phone that when we get there, agents wont follow up on any calls; it's up to the client to do the running!. Guess that means they can afford not to cos the competition is stiff. Not much consolation, as so many are making the move at the same time as us, just have to use up the savings on rent up front.




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Guest Guest75

I'm afraid it is only bound to add to the rental pressures here.


A couple of years ago I saw many jumping in and buying the first house they saw.


Now nearly everyone is renting.

Not a bad thing anyway as it's best to ensure you have chosen the right area for yourselves.

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Guest Guzzler&Sas

Hi there


The rental market here has been getting more competitive for some time now but there are always plenty of rentals but it is important to stress the quality of rentals here. There are plenty that I would not ever live in .... and some you go and look through and the current occupiers have not even done the washing up, put anything away and place can be stinking!


We were lucky when we moved into our last rental while our house was being built, we got a brand new rental ....


The best piece of advice would be, go on as many opens as you can when you get here, get people here to perhaps review opens just before you get here so you can put in applications if they are half decent. You do need to chase real estaters here because they know the place will rent - why should they bother to return your calls?


Remember the best way to treat the agents - kill them with kindness ....


Give yourself a few weeks to find somewhere too - take the pressure off yourselves.




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Also bear in mind that with the competition for good rental properties, the property managers/landlords can be really picky about who they take, so if you have kids with you at the Open, make sure they are on their absolute best behaviour, wipe their feet before going in, don't run riot around the house etc, and if you don't have kids, try not to arrive at the open with radio blaring loud music etc!


The Property Managers are after all acting in the best interests of the landlords, so if you give the impression in any way that you will not be good, careful tenants, respectful of the property and its contents and neighbours, you'll probably not get a look in!



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