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Husband wants work.


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Hi,we arrived in adelaide(marion)6 weeks ago and are settling ok,however my husband is finding it difficult to find a job,and this is getting him down.he was a self employed taxi driver for 19 yrs in the uk,and prior to that did grounds maintainence and gardening,as well as a variety of other jobs.well all it seems to be here,unless you know somebody,is email resume,email resume all day long to the various agencies.so anyone know of workers required,anything considered,around adelaide.he is fit,healthy and has a car,white card and soon fork lift licence.hope someone knows someone.thanks and all the best to you all,sue.

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Guest Guzzler&Sas

Hi Sue


Does your husband have a resume ready to send to employers? Has he looked into becoming a taxi driver here?


Pretty much all recruitment here is done on the strength of having a resume and with references ready to contact, or having open references to present at interview.


Did you look into what sort of work he was going to do prior to coming to prepare yourself?


I use taxis around the city quite a bit for work and the aussie drivers are always complaining about taxi drivers from non-english speaking countries. I think they are desperate for more english speaking taxi drivers and they all seem to be registered the white cab drivers with sat-navs which do all the work for you!


Good luck


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Guest petenic63

Hi sue ive just quit my job as a water hshsmeter readerwith AMRS they always seem to be interviewing people for jobs. it might be worth giving them a call if you fancy walking and working outside 82456133. The pays not great but its something. I know how your husband feels iwas out of work herefor6 months. anyway good luck Pete

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If anything is considered, then, I saw jobs for labourers for a landscape co. advertised at Budget landscapes at Sheidow Park at the weekend. Take a drive and walk into the office and get the number.Its opposite mitre 10 down the Lonsdale highway.....Well just off:)

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