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Electricians - does anyone know anything about this course?!?

Guest bessie

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Hi everyone!


we are hoping to move to Adelaide sometime next year. I'm an australian citizan so my husband to be will be moving across on a de facto visa rather than an skills visa. He's a fully qualified electrician.


After speaking to numerous different migration agents and South Australian officials we've been told there is no point him doing a vetasses course as he doesnt need it for visa purporses

--- (actually we went to Aintree migration event a couple of weeks ago, spoke to six + different peeps who said not to do vetassess THEN we spoke to one bloke who said we HAD to do vetassess - how confusing! then as we glanced at outside of his stall we realised he basically worked for vetassess- so no wonder he said to do it !!) ---


they said that in Adelaide there is a course that you are able to do over a number of weeks to become recognised as fully qualified in OZ (and a lot of migration/employers send their employees to Adelaide from other STATES to do this course - as saves doing it at night school)


We were given the name of this college as PEER but cant find any website for it!?! can anyone help? or have we been given the wrong name?!?


Thanks so much sorry for long post!



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Guest katsmajic

PM Dawn&Andy, hes an electrician, did the college course over here at night classes etc...hel be able to give you some advice re the course.


Re your vetassess i have no idea - i thought that was the skills assessment ot enable you to get a visa... but as we did tra i dont know, hopefully some one in the know will answer you xxx


doh - must make note to self to read all a post before replying...sorry re the nightschool bit lol

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Guest tooeasy

hi I am an electrician and had to go to peer http://www.peer.com.au/ you have to do your wiring regs course you can either do it by correspondance or attend peer i did it 2 nights a week for 5 weeks also once you have got your wiring regs you also need to get a certificate off the ARTC http://www.workplace.gov.au/workplace/Programmes/TRA/2SkillsassessmentforAustralianRecognisedTradeCertificateARTC.htm

then once you have both of these you can get your electrical licence

Most electrical companies in sa will take you on while you get your licence as a trades assistant


If you need anymore help pm me or post on here :)

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Hi there my hubby is writting this so excuse spelling and grammar. im an electrician but not yet in Aus. You can apply for an Australian Registered Trade Certificate while you are in the U.K. to Trades Recognition Australia. They asses your qualifications and references and indicate wheter this is of the same standard as Aus. If your guy has served his time in the U.K he will be fine with this. The only issue is they wont send the certificate registered post to the U.K you will need a person to send it to in Aus. mThis certificate allows you to apply to the SA trade authorities for a state recognised Restricted Electrical Workers License. Once you have done the SA electrical regulations course you can apply for an Unrestricted Electrical workers license. The SA trades recognition service will help you out with all of this. Follow this link to their site. http://www.work.sa.gov.au/

These people are very good but you will need to be patient with TRA. I dont have much time for them.

Hope this helps. As a general comment though the SA government people are excellent. If you have not looked at their site you may find it useful.

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thats great! thanks so much to everyone for all the advice!

i have relatives who live in Adelaide so will be using them as a postal address :)


we were really worried about just arriving in adelaide and having little money while partner works as unqualified before being recognised by SA gov.

hopefully thou by following everyones suggestions we can speed the process up quite a bit :) thanks!

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