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Anyone a family daycare provider?


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Would be interested to hear from anyone who is currently running their own family daycare business from their own home. Were you a child minder in the UK or have you started it as a new career here in Adelaide? Would be good to hear how you're doing as I am considering it as a new business venture...



Dette :)

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Ah thanks for your replies.


Lindsey - I have hundreds of questions so might not be appropriate to bombard you with them! I will soon be going to an info evening where some of them will be answered but still think it would be good to get some personal experience stories etc.


And Ozzie Wannabe...If I decide to go ahead with family daycare, I will be looking to start up around January or February so could be available for you depending on what you require etc.

Will keep everyone posted...


Dette :)

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Hi dette, please let me know how you get on, i was a childminder back in the uk and i was looking at starting up here, i spoke on another forum to someone who said you have to do a year long course in that time you cant mind, you have to get safty glass fitted to all your windows and you couldn't have dogs:err: also in the uk you get inspected every 3 years (if your good!) here you get inspected every month:arghh:


I am not sure how true this info is, i tried to get more info from our local council they said they were looking into it for me that was 5 months ago:err:

It would be the perfect job for me as it will work around the kids and its a job i absolutely love, but unfortunalty i dont have a year to wait i need to start earning now!!!


would love to here what you find out, good luck;)

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Guest salisbury massive

Well its true about the inspections and they are just drop in inspections as well, no notice and they stay roughly an hour. Apparently they have a check list of things to look for, if you clear those things in 1/2 an hour they go, if it takes 2 hours, so be it. They look for things ranging from wearing hats outside (you & the kids) to arts and crafts. You must have undercover areas for the kids to play in, safety glass or film on the windows. Gates on doorways etc. If you have swing sets in the garden, they must have mulch or bark to a certain depth, it is definately heavily regulated here.


I was looking into it myself but its going to cost me too much money to set up my house. Most Family Day Care Providers charge $5 an hour per child and then have to work out all the discounts from Centrelink for you as well. There is also something called Prior Learning where you can use stuff you've done in "real life" against modules on the course.

Have a look here, there is a link to becoming a day care provider.




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Blimey, this too is turning into a hot topic. And have to say rather shocked about the monthly inspections :arghh:

A really good site to look at is: http://www.familydaycare.com.au/childcare_career.html


Some state govs have their own website versions of the info too. Last week I received a pack from my local family day care co-ordination unit where I will soon attend an information evening. My understanding is that there is a $1500 start up package (in metro areas or $5000 for remote areas) which can contribute towards the cost of the course Cert III in Children's services ($510 run over 26 weeks or more, can be done in person, distance learning or online!), insurance (approx $480 per year), safety stuff for your premises, toys, equipment, first aid training etc. According to the info, you do not need to have completed the course before you start work but you must be enrolled before starting to care for children...

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