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What do agents look for in rental applicants?

Guest Maz14

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Hi, we haven't rented in the UK before as we bought our first house so we're not sure what to expect when we rent in Adelaide.

Is there anything we need to get from the UK before we leave as we won't have any rental references?

Also, can you rent a place before you have a full time job if you can prove you have the rent to cover a long period?

Any advice would be helpful, thanks!



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We had some fully furnished accom for 2 weeks we booked it with friends who have property out here they then can supply you with a reference for you first place.

This in turn gives you 2 weeks to sort all the other stuff out like banks, TFN, driving licence etc etc, alot of this stuff you will need to get the points required.

When you like a place let them know that you can pay the rent up front as they look quite favourable on this.


hope this helps any more info just ask.

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Guest Libby1971

In short what helps is cash! If you offer to pay a month or more's rent up front, you stand a much better chance of getting a rental when and where you want it. We paid 4 months rent up front.


Some rental agents want proof that you can pay. Ours wanted a bank statement - I refused point blank to give them information as I told them it was none of their business. However, I did get a balance printed off in branch onto proper letter headed paper and that was fine.

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we got our 1st rental we applied for we were soooooo lucky, we had a reference from a rental in the uk, bank statement and a letter of recomendation from our accountant and last and most importantly 6 months rent up front!:cute:


good luck also chat and be really frendly to the agent showing you the house, good bit of kissing up will work aswell;)

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We brought copies of our house schedule, proof of income/money in bank. The agents asked for personal referees which we gave from the UK (supplied email addresses) as we hadn't had short term rentals here but they were never contacted.


We were offered both houses that we applied for.


We never paid any extra rent up front or extra bond for the dog -didn't offer to either! - must have been lucky!!



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Guest Alipally

tbh, I think that being British helps :biglaugh:

We had nothing really to talk of and we had a dog to add to the mix..... We did offer 6 months up front, but they didn't want it:shocked: we got the first house we applied for too, but I know that the other family who applied for it were British too.... but had small children... No idea how the owners chose the dog over the kids....!

We brought allsorts of stuff from the UK (then foolishly packed it in the excess baggage!) mortgage statements, the details of the house we sold in the UK and the agreement of the estate agent to write reference on the condition of the property we sold...... All of it not necessary in the end!


The tip I was given was if you have unruly children keep them away from the viewings! Remember we all make judgements based on first impressions, so create a good one.


Ali :wubclub:

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Guest TC for short

There's at least one other thread on the subject if you run a quick search. From memory it would have been around August & should throw up some other ideas. I've heard (tho' no proof) that dressing smartly helps.



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A property manager we know (who calls herself a Rottweiler with lipstick!) is really fussy about who she will accept as tenants - so yes, you need to make a really good impression when you view the house - if it's muddy outside, slip your shoes off, if you have wild kids leave them with someone else, if you have normal kids, make sure they are on their absolute best behaviour, if you like loud music, turn it down on the car stereo before you arrive, above all show that you would treat the property carefully and with respect - after all, the agent/manager is effectively handling a $300k+ business on behalf of the owners! Sometimes being British can be a disadvantage too as the Brits have built a bit of a reputation for breaking leases early (when they find somewhere to buy) which is a pain for both the agent and the owner as they have to start all over again!

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