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Ugh I just let a Huntsman in the house


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I feel nauseous---I almost never get the mail bc we have a resident huntsman in the mailbox. Didn't see anything so grabbed it, went to the door, turned the mail slightly to open the door and what was upside down on the other side of the mail...a HUGE one. Dropped the mail on the porch and went to see if I could get something to shooo it away---damn thing ran right into the house, and it on the inside of the screen door, up near the top latch so I can't even set the door to be open so he'll go away...and then I see, a 2nd one!!!! I feel sick...told hubs not to open that door when he gets home until he finds them and kills them...putting some insect spray outside (going out the side door).

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Guest Tracijbc

Looks like it's the time of year when they all come out to play....Matt got in the car this morning to go to work and before he could leave the driveway, he had to shoo a big one off the inside door panel on the drivers side with his steering lock. Didn't want to poke it with his boot in case it ran up his trouser leg!! I panicked wondering how long had it been in the car, and he THEN mentioned casually, "Oh yeah, I remember a couple of weeks ago moving something weird looking from the back seat, now I know what it was, he must have shed his skin on there!!!" I was nearly sick. Remind me again.....why did we move here??????!!!! :arghh:


Mind you, it has been snowing in Nottingham, so maybe there's one reason.....:biglaugh:


Traci x

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