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The packers are coming!


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:shocked: OMG, they are arriving today................i am soo not ready.


Andrew is currently dismantling the bikes, drowning them in Jeyes fluid, which is nauseatingly strong!

The wardrobes are only half down, the display unit is still full of cr*p; the eldest is STILL in bed, and my hair is wild this morning.


Will we be ready? Will i have a breakdown? Will the wash basket EVER get to empty?:arghh: Will my 5ft santa fit in the container, once the other stuff is in???


It's such a step........in just 15 days, we're outta here.......yay; OH, please pass the gin..........

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Calm down, calm down


Just make sure they don't take things you need. Like car docs if you want to sell your car:biglaugh:


It'll be better than you think. We were no where near ready but it went ok.



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oh ay,Pete, giva a gurl a break(down) why dontchya??


They have gone; along with everything in the house!!!!!!! Bleeding buyers are p**sing me off........victim of the current financial downturn now, and they are so gonna pay for it.............evil b*tch, me.


1 positive point...........got no way of cooking! Looks like i will be dining out for the next 2 weeks...........should work wonders for the dishpan hands:)

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2 weeks...........should work wonders for the dishpan hands:)


Don't forget it'll be the same ths end. We got here nearly 7 weeks ago our container left 2 weeks before we did and we now still have to wait another month a least for our stuff.:(



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