first impressions,positive and negative?

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    Our first impressions were how friendly the australians are,yet,strangely,when they get behind the wheel they seem to become automatons,determined to reach 60 kmph as soon as possible and sod anyone who is in the way,right or left!Whats your pos and negs ?

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    didn't see this when we were there; just a beep or seven when the OH didnt move at te lights within a nanosecond:biglaugh:


    Dont confuse us older dolly's..............i still work in mph, inches, pounds and ounces.


    BTW, whats the story with the ferrari and the lampost? saw it in the "metro"; it got my dad worried that we were moving somewhere close to a posh place??


    Must admit, i think he was more bovvered we cant afford a ferrari!

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