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Week 2 Complete

Guest Martin and Val

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Guest Martin and Val

Week 2


OK, Wednesday 5th and two weeks now completed……..


Not much is happening over here for us this last week. We went hammer and tongs last week and seem to have come to a stand still now. We have done all the things that we had to do and now it just leaves a house and a job to find.


Martin had another interview Monday it lasted just over an hour. Not that confident on the outcome, just didn’t get the right vibes. Will probably find out by the weekend.


Straight after the interview we went to look at a house but the agent never turned up! We waited 15 minutes and then moved on to the next house but as we were late for that one the agent had already left! We have three to look at on Thursday but unfortunately the appointments are at the same time and we like them all! Being ½ hour apart we can’t keep all appointments! (One has a pool with Ocean views and the others nearer to the city) Luckily Martin’s cousin is going to view one on our behalf.


This morning we have woken to yet another glorious day with wall to wall sunshine. The weather has been a little funny since we arrived. We have had rain and wind and some days have been a bit overcast in the morning which clears in the afternoon. On Sunday morning we were woke by a real heavy storm with thunder thrown in for good measure! But the ground was dry again within half an hour! One day it rained a little but the spots dried before they hit the floor, really strange.


Wednesday we bought a small TV as sitting here every night looking at each other isn’t that entertaining (ha ha) Oh yeah, you don’t need a TV licence over here!

We were also hopefully getting a “Dongle” (mobile wireless internet connection). Currently with the service provider “3” you can have the Dongle for free but you enter a 24 month contract for it which ranges from $15 - $39 per month. You can also buy the thingy outright for $129 and then sign up for the contract but you have the privilege of coming out of the contract without penalty. If you do, you then have to pay a reconnection charge later on.

But! We had a tip off from the girl in the shop that it will be launched on a pay as you go scheme end of next week. Buy it outright and just top it up when and if you want to with no contract.


We have been out with Kev and Mall (Swampo) a couple of times for LEMONADE and have had enjoyable nights on each occasion. But a Pint of West End has gone up today so we will sit any cry into our glasses this Friday!!


Martin 15_8_213.gifand Val:)


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Two weeks already?? Blimey where does the time go?


Know what you mean about the weather last Sunday. We had planned to take the kids to the beach for the day but woke up to heavy rain and dark clouds so went to Ikea instead. As it turned out it was a lovely day to be on the sand. Oh well at least we have a dining table and chairs now.:biglaugh:


Good luck with the house and job hunting.



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hey i was at IKEA on Sunday aswell!


I wasn't. :biglaugh: I just realised it was Saturday we went coz Sunday we went to Libby's or was that Saturday?:unsure: Oh I dunno. I don't even know what day it is today. I'm taking the kids to school tomorow. I hope its not a Saturday morning.:biglaugh::biglaugh:



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Good to hear how things are going, good luck with your house hunting and with jobs. Great to hear that Pete is having soon mucn fun that he does not know what day it is. Nice to see I'm not the only on who loses track of what day it is but unfortunately for me it's due to all the stress and things to organise.

Take care all you lucky folk in Oz, hope to see you all in 4 months.

Jo x:jiggy:

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Guest Martin and Val

Well a short update on the housing front:

We went to see one yesterday with a pool overlooking the Ocean. Nice I hear you say!

It was full of ants, dirty and wall paper was hanging from the walls in shreads!:arghh:

We didnt stay long and after a drive of some speed got to the third viewing which was very small with next to no back garden.:arghh:

My cousin had kindly got to the second viewing for us only to be told on arrival by the agent that the owners were no longer renting the property out! (Why didnt they phone, it would have saved a load of people the time and effort?):mad:

OK thats it till the week 3 update...........

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hi martin and val


we have the mobile wireless internet connection from telstra as pay as you go - we bought it on tuesday this week it costs $149 which included $10 top up already and we have already recharged it as well with no probs. glad to hear you are settling into adelaide we are in the same position we arrived last saturday and loving every minute so far.


all the best



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Guest Vicks&Stu

Hi Martin & Val


Good luck with the job and house hunting. I am sure evrything will fall into place quicker than you think.

I hope you have better luck with the agents this week coming.

Vicks & Stu

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