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before and after school clubs???

Guest happy feet

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Guest happy feet

Hi All


Can any one give me an idea what times before and after school clubs are? Also a rough idea on costing. My kids will be 10 nearly 11 and 7 when we come over..

Do all primary schools have these clubs?




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Great question, any information on this would be greatly appreciated - by the time the kids hit high school are there after school clubs or is it more after school activities - netball etc? Interesting to know what goes on at primary and high school as I'll have one in each! :)

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Hello :D

pretty much all state primaries in the city have after school care, a lot have before school care as well. After school care goes from school finish to about 6pm. Before school care goes from about 7am til whenever the teacher starts patrolling the school grounds in the morning, usuallly about 8.30.


There is no care for high school kids and most upper primary school kids walk home and enjoy the freedom of being at home for a while before parents arrive home. Course there are some who may live too far away.


a lot of schools have vacation care programmes too for school hols. Not sure what the cost is these days, but someone did say theirs charge $12 for the after school sesh. If you are entitled to it there is child care rebate which can be used for a child at primary school in a care programme.


sorry didn't answer straight away, am on my break shovelling breakfast and drink in the 15 mins allotted :D

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Guest Richard & Amanda

Not sure if this is standard but my school charges $7 for a morning session 0700-8.30 and $14.50 for afternoon 3.15-6.30 which I personally found to be alot cheaper than the uk.


They can have breakfast if they like and afternoon snack (though it is usually quite substantial)


The vac care (full day) is $39 and they usually get to go on day trips out which I again found excellent value for money.


My daughter has used the OSCH at Hallett Cove East Primary and was quite happy to attend there during the recent school holidays.


Hope that helps.


Oh just a thought, I think you can get this figure reduced as part of the child benefit system, this is dependant on income levels and visa status - can't comment on the threasholds though sorry!



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