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Been Here a Week


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Hi All,

Been here a week now, and finding it quite hard!

We're in OAA in Oaklands Park. Need to find a pre school soon for Gabriel (3), he's so bored, poor baby.

Anyone got any suggestions on pre schools in the area, don't know where to start really. We finally got a car and car seat organised for Gabe. Hard to find a decent car seat here isn't it? Got one from the RAA in the end, but it didn't fit our car, 94 Toyota Lexcon or something, so had to get a different on, not great but will do. I'd recommend everyone to bring a car seat with!

Good news yesterday too, Richard (carpenter) got a job trial and starts thursday. Only thing is, he needs the car! I may go nuts stuck with Gabe all day and no transport or school or friends!!!

Also bought Gabe a tv yesterday to try to cheer him up, but can only get one South American news channel on it (indoor aerial)! Still, he's got a couple of DVDs......

Anyone out there would like to meet up in Oaklands Park???


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Guest Guzzler&Sas

welcome to this side Serena


you sound a bit blue - it is not all doom and gloom here! We found a great range of carseats when we arrived - ToysRus had loads and also Big W/K-mart and we found much more secure with the anchor points.


Can't help with pre-schools sorry but have you looked into Playgroups in your area, get onto google and do a search for playgroup SA - I found these a god-send. Made lots of friends with people who had kids the same age as my two 18mths and 3.5yrs when we arrived and we could arrange lots of play dates with other kids and mums. My OH pinched the car soon after we arrived and I got the girls in the pushchair and found a playgroup.


I work full-time now, so I can't do a meet up with you and the girls are older now but if you are keen to meet other mums with little ones, why not put something in the Meet up section and try to organise something.


Good luck



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Hello Serena,

Welcome to Adelaide. Yes, it is hard to start with but it will soon get better. Once you start meeting with other young mums, you will be fine. I agree with Sas's suggestion - you should try and set up a meeting yourself - there will definitely be other mums in the same boat in your area. Good luck with it all.

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Marion library will have story telling for the under 5s.

Look in your yellow pages under schools, most kindergartens willhave a playgroup.

Marion swimming pool may have swimming classes during the day for his age group.

Give your self time ...after the whirlwind to get here it is going to seem an anticlimax now you are here and euphoria begins to wear off.

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well we have been here just over a fortnight now and we love it but i know what you mean about not having the car. my husband has started work and i run him to work so i am able to have the car so i can explore where i am now living. we are currently and for the short term living down in victor harbor but if you want to pm me for a chat you are very welcome i too have kids a 4 yr old and a 2yr old so we have something in common and we may be able to meet up when we have a permanant place set up so keep in touch


all the best


sarah jane

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