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Need suggestion for Semaphore pub

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    Hi everyone,


    Could use your help on a suggestion for a pub/restaurant in Semaphore---have a work day out there and need something that everyone would like.




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    Guest Rob and Clare

    I know it's 5 mins up the road from Semaphore but the Largs Bay Hotel looks really nice these days....


    The only one i've been to in semaphore is the Palais, and that was quite nice, great for sitting outside on a sunny day.

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    I was thinking of the Palais as the location is nice and the menu looks like it has something for everyone.


    Now I just need a take away bakery for morning tea that can be walked to from the beach.

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    Guest Martin and Val

    Hi Suzer,

    We would highly recommend the Carlisle Tavern for food and drink, good prices. 39 Carlisle Street, Ethelton 5019 Phone: 8449 6650.

    Then just on the corner from there on Bower Road is the Mill, bakery and cafe. Just up the road over the roundabout by Fort Glanville is the beach or turn right at the beach follow it along and you will come to the Largs Pier Hotel which Rob suggested, again very nice.

    Hope this helps


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    Hi there,


    This is not too useful as I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the restraunt, But it is opposit the Jetty in Semaphore. Find Foodland and its next door, it has a balcony.

    I went there with friend for a christmas night out and I have to say wonderful food fantastic wine and a fab atmosphere.

    Its a Tapa's bar kind of thing, very trendy and reasonable with prices I ordered a platter for 2 to share and this cost $30 between you.

    I loved the place and can't wait to go again.


    Also just out of interest, I went along to the Crows Tavern last night, we played Poker this is so organised and all the chips are free, every time you buy a drink you get a card stamped for more chips, we did drink a little too much but from what I remember it was the best night out my hubby and I have had since we arrived, lots of free fun.

    Good luck with your research.


    Laura xxxx

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