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      If you look on the australian immigration site http://www.immi.gov.au and search subclass 119 they explain about the visa on the site. I have been qualified 4 years and registered with NBSA but think you may need a degree or diploma to be accepted on the RSMS visa. I have a job at the Royal adelaide which I applied for online last June. Glenelg is beautiful but is expensive not sure how good the schools are as we don't have any kids.

      Hope this help and good luck with planning your new life downunder

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      Info from immi website

      Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857)

      1. About this Visa
      2. How this Visa Works
      3. Eligibility
      4. Obligations
      5. Applying for this Visa

      How this Visa Works

      On this page

      A Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme needs:
      • an Australian employer
      • an overseas employee
      • an eligible position.
      The process for obtaining a visa under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme is summarised below.
      • nominates the position(s) that they wish to fill
      • arranges certification by the Regional Certifying Body
      • recruits the overseas worker(s) to fill the nominated positions
      • prepares a submission outlining exceptional circumstances (if this is needed).
      Regional Certifying Bodies (RCB)
      • assists employers to fill vacancies in regional Australia
      • assesses whether the position is genuinely vacant and unable to be filled by an Australian employee.
      • accepts the offer of employment from the nominating employer
      • applies for a visa
      • meets the conditions on their visa (once approved).

      Australian employers in regional or low population growth areas of Australia can participate in this scheme. All areas of Australia are eligible except Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth.
      See: Eligible postcodes for the Regional Subclass 457 programme and Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
      Regional Certifying Bodies

      Regional Certifying Bodies are organisations that:
      • have knowledge of the skills shortages in their local area
      • know whether a business is actively operating in their local area
      • are able to assess positions under the legislative requirements of the scheme.
      There are a number of Regional Certifying Bodies throughout Australia. All Regional Certifying Bodies are endorsed by the relevant state or territory government and many are branches of the State or Territory regional development portfolio.
      See: Regional Certifying Bodies

      An employee is a foreign national who:
      • meets the age, skill and language requirements
      • has an employer that is willing to sponsor them for this visa.
      If eligible, employees and their accompanying family members will be granted a permanent visa.
      Eligible position

      An eligible position must meet the following requirements.
      • is located in a regional area
      • cannot be filled by an Australian employee
      • is a genuine full-time vacancy
      • is available for at least 2 consecutive years
      • requires a person with qualifications equivalent to at least Australian diploma level (unless exceptional circumstances apply).
      See: Exemption from Eligibility Requirements
      Note: A Trade Certificate with full apprenticeship is accepted as equivalent to or higher than a diploma qualification.
      Validity Periods

      The validity period of the:
      • nomination is 6 months
      • visa is permanent.
      More information

      Detailed information on the Regional Sponsored Migration scheme is also available in the booklet 5.
      See: Booklet 5 Employer Sponsored Migration (187KB PDF file)

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      We are still in the early stages and have signed with Daryl through Thinking Australia. They run regular seminars which are free and we found it very useful and it helped us make the decision. We have our first one to one meeting on Saturday next week but we are taking my Parents to a Thinking Australia seminar on Sunday 6th July in Manchester. There are peolple there that represent Anglo Pacific shipping company, Westpac Bank, Migration office and Hifix. You are not making any commitment by attending and under no obligation to sign anything. There is no pressure at all. Even if you didn't want to go with them it could give you an insight to Oz and the proceedures. There is also a question and answer section and you would be surprised how many have the same concerns / questions as you. At the end you can go to any of the speakers and to Darryl and his wife and ask as many questions as you like. As for signing with them I don't think we know for sure who are the best I suppose it'a a chance you take. They do seem to be totally committed I must admit. I was advised NOT to have an agent but Australian legislation can change part way through the Visa Application and you really need to know what you are doing. Personally I don't feel confident enough to do it on my own (but that's me! )

      Their website is http://www.thinkingaustralia.com

      Good luck with everything!

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      Thanks to everyone for your advice....xxx


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