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  1. ianb

    General builder any recommendations?

    Another one to try even though based at Gawler are very good. They do travel and work all over Adelaide and beyond doing extensions, kitchens, bathrooms as well as new builds. I have seen a lot of their work and do a good job. Dont normal recommend people but have seen what they do. Do a lot of work at Prince Alfred College as well as local council works and private mainly through recommendations. Also english. Company name is Northern Industries and guys name is Chris and wife who runs the office is Jean. Say Ian from HY recommended you
  2. ianb

    my Adelaide experience

    in over 5 years ive had no bad experiences of abuse regarding Poms except a week after getting here in a job interview where the person interviewing me kept going on about "great to have another #$$#$ Pom to take the piss out of" To make it even more stupid the guy doing the interview was Scottish! I walked out saying id never work for a person like that even if they were the last company in the world! Well this Pom had the last laugh - They went bust! I like the banter and the best way to get accepted is to give it back! It confuses them! Where ever you live there will always be mindless biggots but when they realise you wont just lay down and accept it they soon do what they should of done and shut up in the first place!
  3. ianb

    Should have come to PIA first!

    While I totally agree with what's been said previously its not surprising when over the last few years many posts on here have said " why does Oz not have this or not have that" and why does oz not have pubs and roast dinners like the Uk etc etc. The list is endless. So while I agree it shows what research and realistic expectations this is not the first family who have fallen into the rose tinted glass syndrome brought on by glamourized Uk TV programmes.
  4. Its a joint venture between Hansen Yuncken ( who i work for) and Leighton Contractors link to website http://www.sahp.com.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=74&Itemid=90
  5. One i used to get work is Talent2, another labour agency we use is Workpac
  6. ianb

    Possible work in Para Hills..

    if you read it i actually said there are some nice parts to Parra Hills, and yes you are correct every suburb north, east, south and west have good and bad parts. Personally i love the northern areas of Adelaide and will always stay here. We have loved every day we have been here. If anything it shows the need for research for where your going to be working is far more important than just following personal comments as everyone will say where they live is the best.
  7. ianb

    Possible work in Para Hills..

    would imagine a good hour and 1/2 drive for you so not only time but also alot of wages go on petrol. As for living in Parra Hills, in my opinion look outside of the area although do take a look round as some streets look fine, some good some not so in Parra Hills, may be look over in Golden Grove, Wynn Vale areas then an easier commute.
  8. ianb

    White card

    Many if not all larger Tier 1 and 2 companies (HY, Baulderstone, Built Environs, Badge etc ) will not allow any one on site with a white card obtained on line. Our company do not. Dont bother getting on line at all or you may end up finding your be restricted where u can work, there are reasonably inexpensive to get from places suchas Master Builders. As for the pictures on the cards from as far as i am aware will eventually come out if not all ready as was an obvious thing to put on to the cards but like most things here never very well thought out. As for use interstate white cards were supposed to do away with all the hassle of different cards that each state had, green cards, blue cards. They are meant to be nation wide.
  9. ianb

    Advice on southern suburbs Port Noarlunga?

    Another ill informed opinion based on others views!
  10. we are also up near the barossa. The nearest would probably be seaford, moana, silver sands area, so about over an hour drive depending where you are. All good safe beaches.
  11. ianb

    Going It Alone?

    I work as a site manager for Hansen Yuncken. All the flooring trades we use have never enough labour. Alot of the labour that will be needed for the new RAH will have to come from interstate as not enough here to do. Especially with all the other major projects in the pipeline coming up or starting soon
  12. ianb

    Going It Alone?

    i do know there is a big shortage of vinyl floor layers. I have been told by one of the companies we use there is less than 30 (to an acceptable standard) layers in SA. Always have issues getting enough labour to lay vinyl at work
  13. we are a little further out at Freeling if you ever you get stuck , kids a little older here but always available for a chat
  14. we are further north, but good luck the new job, I am presently working at the WCH doing all the building works on the Gilbert Building so may i be first to say sorry for the noise!
  15. depends on how you live for granted but looks to me based on an Adelaide student in a house share ! me thinks way out!

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