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  1. Im having issues with an RRV too. I only moved to SA last April (my partner moved across 3 years earlier but I stayed behind because of work projects). We have since moved to NSW as we both had job opportunities. I have just been told by an agent that my visa could be taken off me if I apply for an RRV and they notice I am not in SA as I have not honored the 2 year obligation to be in SA (even though my partner, who has the required skill did). Thought it was worth flagging. I see a lot of people mention on here the 'moral but not legal obligation' but Im not sure that's true given what I have just been told. Im gutted as I would really like to go on holiday but it doesnt look as though I will be able to leave the country for a few years. Hoping none of my loved ones back home get ill and I cant visit. If anyone knows of an agent who would have a different view please let me know.
  2. Hi everyone We are moving interstate because of jobs. Selling everything we can! Everything is on gumtree if you want to see pics and prices. thanks Em
  3. EmI

    Window cleaner needed

    Just wondering if you found anyone? Also in Seaford Meadows and the upstairs windows really need a clean :-)
  4. Hey Beccy, will you be moving to Port Noalunga? I'm living in Seaford Meadows which is really close by. Feel free to message me or find me on facebook (em ingham) if you fancy meeting up with a fellow pom when you arrive. I only arrived here in April and definitely miss going for a wine with my friends!
  5. Ive just seen this. Sorry Kacymru. Im definitely up for meeting up on a Friday night. Bank Street Social looks great too. I'll make sure I take a look at this post from now on. em
  6. Sounds like a great idea for Friday. Im not sure how this thread works and if everyone will see this message. Happy to do a 'reply to thread' message if you have any suggestions for where to go for a wine on Friday :-)
  7. What about a girls night out for everyone on this thread in the next few weeks?? Maybe in Glenelg or the city? I'm not sure if there is a way to create an 'event' on here. Does anyone know? Otherwise perhaps people could suggest somewhere. Ive been here 6 weeks now but still don't know the best places to go. It would be great to meet a few people for a wine or two.
  8. EmI

    New member.. Just to say Hi

    Hi, Ive recently moved to Adelaide from the UK too. I agree with the 'be patient' advice. Ive been searching for a job for 6 weeks now and havent found anything...yet. Trying not to let it get to me and making the most of city whilst I can. Good luck with the job search and have fun. Em
  9. Hi I moved to Adelaide a month ago with a PR visa. Despite registering with loads of agencies and looking on Seek, Career One, Indeed, LinkedIn every morning and evening I haven't been able to find a job yet. I have 8 years marketing experience for professional services firms (Actuaries and Law firms) but I am looking for any type of office / business support job to get me started and help me meet people and settle into life in Adelaide. I'd be more than happy to do data entry work for example (which I quite enjoy) and part of my marketing roles have always included administrative tasks. I know the job market is tough but I don't want to give up just yet. I also know that 4 weeks searching for a job might not seem like too long for some people but Im really eager to get stuck in and miss working. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knew of anything that might be coming up where they work that i might be able to apply for. Thanks Em
  10. Hi Candt Thanks for taking the time to write your post. It has made me feel a lot better and I like your idea for the covering letter. I still haven't found a job but I've now met with 5 agencies and I have an interview this week so fingers crossed! Em
  11. Hi all, I arrived in Adelaide 3 weeks ago. Ive been searching and applying for an type of admin / office support job going as well as Marketing which is what my employment background is in. I still don't have a job and am starting to worry that I might have made a mistake moving. Apart from anything else it would be nice to have a job to meet people. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Ive tried all of the obvious websites - seek, indeed, career one etc and signed up to a lot of recruitment agencies already. Many thanks
  12. Hi, I moved to Adelaide 2 weeks ago and already really missing going out for a drink after work with my friends! Id definitely be up for meeting people in the same situation as me and going for a drink or two. It would be good to hear how other people have settled in whilst exploring some of the bars / pubs in the city.

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