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  1. Hi, Agree with other posters - lots of building going on and carpenters seem to be very busy :-) Re: teaching. What is(are) your subject specialist area(s)? As another poster mentioned, same as UK, Maths, Science etc high school teachers in more demand than other subject areas. If you're Early Years qualified too then you are right when you state there are, relatively speaking, quite a few of these jobs being advertised recently. I teach primary here, so happy to offer any advice that may be of use to you. Best of luck with your move :-)
  2. If you want a state school then you usually need to be within zone (catchment) for the school. If you are prepared/able to pay private school fees than catchment not a big issue. If you want a denominational school then you will have to go private as all state primaries are non-denominational here. When we arrived, we lived in East Adelaide and there are many very good state primaries in that area. I loved East Adelaide - Parkside, Glenunga, Norwood, Burnside areas. All these have very good state primaries. Can offer more advice once you know where you'll be moving to; I teach primary here in Adelaide.
  3. Obviously depends on field of employment, but I would agree that Adelaide has a relatively conservative job market and there does seem to be a lot of 'who you know' as it is really a big town (especially compared with Manchester). Youth unemployment is high compared with most other states and territories.
  4. Anouchka

    To all who have settled here!

    We came out in August 2012. Husband stayed for 2 years on his own, establishing his business, whilst I went back to UK with daughter so she could finish high school in the UK. Fortunately husband able to return to UK every 3-4 months with work, but was hard on us all being apart. Daughter and I returned in September 2014. Daughter doing IB Diploma (as this provides more challenge than the SACE which I do not think is a rigorous enough alternative to A level). She found moving at 16 years challenging, but now has many friends and is enjoying life here. It was tough for her at first though. I am a primary teacher and got a permanent contract at a school, starting work in January 2015, without ever having had a contract or doing any relief teaching - apparently this nigh on a miracle! We are currently renting in east Adelaide - Burnside area - but we are building in the hills (house under construction) and we can't wait to move out there early next year. I miss my parents and my daughter, her grandparents, but they are coming out for 6 weeks in December .... other than that we love life here. I hope to ride around the Adelaide Hills on a horse when I retire :-)
  5. Anouchka

    Renewing Irish Passport.

    I just renewed my daughter's English one and registered new passport number at https://www.border.gov.au/immiaccount where you can also update address etc. Useful to create an account.
  6. Anouchka

    Having teaching qualifications assessed

    I have a PGCE and approached the university and told them what I needed for the assessment process here. They provided it on headed paper. Always best to do as asked and give it in days.

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