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  1. Evening all I am currently in the UK & a permanent resident but since I left Oz 2 years ago (was always my intention to come back). But since then I have married my husband, who came to visit Australia on holiday last year, we are putting feelers out on moving back over. Has any other PR people managed to get a visa for their hubby too? He is 49 not sure if age has anything to do with it. Thanks in advance for your help in getting this started. Sue
  2. Sue29

    seven-seas shipping

    Hi I can second that used them recently in getting some things shipped over from the UK which have been in storage for years to be sent over they were great & again arrived earlier than expected. Great service all round & would defo recommend to anyone
  3. Sue29

    Various house hold items for sale

    Sorry but all now sold - Should of done it sooner thxs
  4. Sue29

    Various house hold items for sale

    Hi Flossybeth Yes still available no worries just drop me a line after Christmas & we sort out things then. Cheers Sue
  5. Hi all Having a good old clean out got the following for sale: 2 x Cream lamps ideal for bedroom $10:00 for pair (bought from Target at $15:00 each), in excellent condition hardly used, 13 inches in height Nescafe Dolce Gusto (Delonghi) red in colour $20:00 again hardly used in full working order (pods from coles & woolies for around $8:00 a box) Not the season for it but ........ Russell Hobbs 3.5L slow cooker (bought from Harris Scrafe for $90:00) but selling for £20:00 excellent working order & condition. 3 Heat settings high, low & auto silver in colour with a black ceramic bowl. Live in Fulham area & Merry Christmas to you all Sue
  6. Sue29

    Shipping back to UK

    Thanks for that, I been reading up on website & they drop the cube off for you & you pack it? Sounds great & yours came UK to Adelaide door to door?
  7. Hi all Can anyone advise / recommend a shipping company to ship around 2 -3 cubic square meters back to UK & delivered to Northumberland It will be all boxed no furniture, just household / personal goods. Read some reviews on Movecube which look fine anyone with any experience Looking to go around December / January time. Company used before were great but now not operating. Thanks Sue
  8. Sue29

    Dog Grooming

    Thanks for recommendations
  9. Sue29

    Dog Grooming

    Hi all Recently getting a 4 legged friend & wanting some advice on dog grooming, live in western suburbs but no worries re distance if well recommended. Also going to need boarding for her in the near future again anyone got any recommendations? Thanks, Sue
  10. Sue29

    80s Mania

    Hi KennyKen, are the tickets still available?
  11. Sue29

    New friends!!

    Awesome yep no kids either & free next weekend a send you a pm with my mobile & work out from there Sue
  12. Sue29

    New friends!!

    Hey Nikki Im just down the road at Fulham but Im up for anything work Mon - Fri though, been here since 2009 on & off but been doing fifo work for the last 18 months so lost contact with a lot of people always great to meet new people. Sue
  13. Hi I'm up for a day / night out for drinks I'm western burbs
  14. Sue29

    80s Mania

    Tickets booked thanks for that & also Baby Animals my fav band from years ago saw them at the Riverside in Newcastle years ago
  15. Sue29

    Driving the speed limit and tailgating

    Welcome to driving in Adelaide

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