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  1. I still have baby brain so am pondering how the passport thing works. We now have both UK and Aussie passports but our little one only has an Aussie one. I've checked that she doesn't need a visa when we go visit family back in the UK but what happens at UK immigration? After 21 hours of flights, we'll be wanting to get through as quick as we can! cheers!
  2. Aquacatrina

    Where to get baby passport photos taken?

    Brilliant - never thought of there! Thanks Jill :-)
  3. Anyone know where to get baby passport photos taken in the Southern suburbs. Had no luck at the colonnades as only Aus Post do them there & not for babies. Last time we used a photo shop which has now closed down :-(
  4. Aquacatrina

    Port Noarlunga primary

    My son has been there since the 4-year old program (he's now 8) and loves it. For us it was important for him to go a local school so he has plenty of friends nearby to play with - on the same street in fact! We had a few to choose from but PNPS stood out for a mile for us. Having said that, it still comes down to your gut feeling when you visit a school - and different schools suit different kids and families.
  5. Hi, not sure if you have had all your answers, in fact you may alreafy by playing. Porties white pointers are Port Noarlunga Primary School team. Give me an email in Portieswhitepointers@gmail.com and u can call you back if your kids are still interested. Or check out our we page portieswhitepointers.weebly.com. if you are at the school hopefully the principle pointed you the right way. Seaford Rangers are also excellent as my son plays there as well. matthew.
  6. Sold: Selling our 3 year old fridge freezer as we're upgrading now we have more kitchen space. Cost $800 new, selling it for $300. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/noarlunga-downs/fridges-freezers/whirlpool-410l-refrigerator-fridge/1011976052 Happy for anyone to come view if they're interested.
  7. Hi guys, just wondering if there's a cheaper option than PayPal to transfer $1500 from relatives back in the UK to our Aussie bank account? PayPal want to charge them 3.4% and then us a fee to put in in our account, and western union charge 30 pounds but have a low exchange rate. cheers for your help!
  8. Aquacatrina

    Wanted: Maxi Cosi baby capsule / car seat before Feb!

    Thanks for that - I'm actually after the capsule primarily for using on the buggy than necessarily in the car as it would mean I could use the same buggy throughout - it doesn't quite lie flat enough for a newborn. There is a carrycot attachment but again - not available easily in Australia! Having gone through various buggies last time round, my micralite won hands down (and at $175 for a new one here in Aus is worth a few workarounds in the first few months)!
  9. Hi I' m wondering if anyone's likely to be selling a Maxi Cosi Cabrio , Cabriofix or Bubble baby car seat between now and the start of Feb (when my baby's due). Despite being very popular car seats in the Uk, they're not sold over here, which is a pity as they attach to my micralite buggy, making it suitable for a newborn. I'm keeping an eye on Gumtree, EBay and Adelaide Baby Bargains but have only spotted them interstate so far. cheers Cat
  10. If you live in Hallett Cove, Sheidow Park, Trott Park, Marino, Seacombe Gardens etc, you might fancy a go at spending the council's money As part of this years Annual Business Plan & Budget consultation City of Marion Council are providing innovative new means for Marion residents to have their sayUsing their online engagement website Marion Matters we have launched a new online project titled'Help Build Marion's Future'. This site features an exciting new and easy-to-use budget simulation program. The program provides users with the opportunity to complete their own personal $27 million budget. It helps us understand what services community value and demonstrates the connection between service costs, and rate increases. http://marionmatters.com.au/buildmarionsfuture?module=survey#tool All feedback will be analysed and included in a community feedback report being considered by Council on 8 May 2012.
  11. http://www.marion.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=271 Anyone want to come work in my team? We're looking for a Business Planning Officer - 3 days a week. Marion is a fab place to work with a really great team culture. Catrin
  12. Aquacatrina

    Ladies Bike for sale $60

    hi, is your bike still for sale? Ps your pia mailbox is full! Cheers Cat
  13. Aquacatrina

    Blokes Drinks Hallett Cove Tavern Fri 23rd April

    Hi Been here 8 months, so should be turning up tomorrow, just working out travel arrangements from Christies Beach. Have also sent the message on to few friends who live in Hallet Cove, but they pop in nearly every Fria anyway. See ya tomorrow
  14. Thanks Mel, on with the training....
  15. Aquacatrina

    The Great Ocean Road - Places to Stay?

    we did the trip over new year using motels booked beforehand on http://www.goldenchain.com.au at apollo bay, port fairy and robe. The Robe motel even had an indoor heated pool!

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