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  1. Willber


    Hi, Moving boxes available for anyone that wants them. Just PM me if you want some. Hallett Cove area. Andy
  2. Willber

    Moving boxes to give away

    Plenty of boxes to give away as we have just moved. In good condition so if anyone wants them just message me. In Hallett Cove area.
  3. Willber

    Shipping work tools to oz

    Hi Steve, I'm a mechanical fitter and i shipped all my tools over in the container. Gave them all a good clean, even the tool boxes and then the last wipe was with Jeyes fluid. If customs can smell Jeyes fluid they know you've made an effort. I also got all my tools insured (just in case). All my tool boxes were checked by customs so to be safe dont cut any corners with your cleaning as it can be expensive if customs say no. Andy
  4. Willber

    Silica gel sachets -where is best to buy from?

    Hi, when we moved in 2011 we used John Masons and most of our things were wrapped in moisture repellent packaging. When our things arrived here it was all fine, even the clothes were still 'just washed fresh'. I wouldn't bother with the sachets that will show up on the scan at the port and will probably have customs wondering what they are. Happy New Year!
  5. Willber


    They tried putting snow on it but it melted!
  6. Hi, i can collect the boxes this weekend if thats possible, i will PM you my details. Andy
  7. Willber

    Aussie hoax call DJ's

    Before leaving the UK most radio shows (local & national) were doing prank calls for entertainment so to jump on the back of the DJ's involved in this is a bit harsh. Ok its a tragic outcome, but the producer's broadcast the call, the 'big boss' ok'd the air play so there are more than just 2 DJ's involved. Anyway don't hospitals have protocol to follow especially with royalty and surely she would have had a phone right next to her bed with a private line. I believe there is more to the suicide than this, and i heard there was a suicide note. GET A GRIP!!!!! What next, man commits suicide after losing job, boss arrested for sacking him............................
  8. Hi, we always use Qantas or Emirates as you only get a short stopover in Dubai or Singapore (2-3hrs). I dont see the logic in having a big stopover in a transit hotel. The kids have always been fine when we've done this as well. To me it just makes sense to get it over and done with and in fairness i quite like the journey, Manchester to Adelaide in under 24 hrs is reasonable and the planes are comfortable and there is plenty to do on board as well.
  9. Willber

    Shipping a Hoover?

    Hi, we shipped our dyson vac over with us, just gave it a good clean out, didn't change the filters and like with everything else gave it a good wipe with the jeyes fluid. Apparently if they smell the jeyes fluid at customs they know you've made an effort.
  10. Willber

    Recommendations - Removal Companies?

    Hi, we used John Mason and they were great. Great service and nothing damaged at all. Use someone like Letton Percival for insurance, they will be a lot cheaper than the shipping companies one.
  11. Hi, we came over on a state sponsored visa in 2011, and as you have said your agent is right about the funds. You are required by SA to have $30,000 as a back up. You will get a form to fill in with all your assets that you believe you will have when it comes to moving to Oz. Now, to word this right, when we did this, we filled in the form to what we thought we would have..... (ticked all the boxes that were required) booked an appointment with a JP (justice of the peace at the local courthouse and he signed the forms and stamped them with an official stamp) and that was that. No proof required. So i will let you make up your own mind on that. As for an agent been a rip off, i find that statement a bit harsh. Yes they are a bit pricey but if your busy with work like we always were, and two kids to put up with they are a god send. And they managed to get our visa in 6 months others who started their application at the same time as us were still trying to get there visa a year and a half later. Goood luck
  12. Willber

    Customs Clearance

    Hi, we used John Masons and they gave us a link to website to watch the container, and we did (how sad are we!) But when the container left the UK the dates we were given on arriving and departing at various ports were spot on. Once it got to Port in Adelaide it was through customs in two days and sat in Wridgeways holding depot for a day or two until we got the keys for our long term rental.
  13. Willber

    Cheapest way to transfer $1500 from the UK to Aus?

    Hi, we used TorFx to transfer all our money over here, some big amounts and some little ones. The only charge we have had is from ANZ when the money went in from their UK account to ours in Oz.
  14. Willber

    Free removal boxes

    Hi, we could do with some boxes please. Will PM you.
  15. Willber

    BBC iPlayer

    Hi, if you use an apple device you can subscribe to BBC iplayer for around $9 a month.

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