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  1. My application doesn't say anything like that; so the best solution is to call DIBP; also did you see same message before your test; if no then 100% you should call.
  2. If you don't mind what council do you reside in? Also dont worry about anything in case your test is done; just wait :).
  3. I highly recommend checking this thread and going back few pages; you will find all required information; all the best.
  4. You don't need to if you haven't travelled anywhere in last one year.
  5. Not really; in SA in last one month 3 of my friends attended ceremonies physically
  6. Please use same document that you would have provided when you applied for Visa/PR. I don't think passport can be used as birth certificate evidence but to be sure i recommend that you call DIBP. I used by school ceritificate as DOB certificate.

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