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  1. Appended please see input as questioned. Can i include my wife, my kids all in one application or does my wife need to apply separately, if yes does she need a separate immi account? - you can have one immi account and have separate applications in one account; depending on age kids will be part of parents applications. Does anyone have a dummy completed application form? - its pretty straight forward you dont need this and to be fair everyone will have personal information that no one would want to share i am sure you would appreciate that What documents do we need to attach? - please go through this page and you will find all the details; complete application, your passport, marriage certificate, drivers license, utility bill and form 1091 Any other info that is helpful - as i mentioned please review this page and you will find tons of useful information All the best.
  2. I have been told that most of the times you get invitation between 15-30 days in advance; it happened in my case. So for Australia day I am guessing in December one should surely get invitation.
  3. After a long long path and wait finally received date for citizenship ceremony on 4 Nov, 2021. Thanks to forum like these which kept us going. Landed in Australia on 489 - March 8, 2017 Got PR - May 2020 Citizenship - Ceremony on Nov 4, 2021
  4. My situation is same and i am also in Adelaide; all we can do is wait i guess.
  5. Try sending an email and you can try calling again; all you want to know is that what does it mean as you have already taken test and i am assuming while in interview they didn't ask for any further paper work.
  6. My application doesn't say anything like that; so the best solution is to call DIBP; also did you see same message before your test; if no then 100% you should call.
  7. If you don't mind what council do you reside in? Also dont worry about anything in case your test is done; just wait :).
  8. I highly recommend checking this thread and going back few pages; you will find all required information; all the best.
  9. You don't need to if you haven't travelled anywhere in last one year.

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