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  1. My husband and I moved to Adelaide on a permanent visa in 2005 and in 2006 I transferred a Legal and General Personal Pension over to Australian Super. We lived there until 2010 when we decided that we would return to live in the UK. We had both built up fairly substantial amounts in Australian Super accounts which are obviously still with them as we were not allowed to transfer them back until retirement. I am finding it difficult to find out what happens when we retire in the UK - do we have options?
  2. Mini2005


    Can highly recommend Mark Feldman at Reynella. Not sure of cost as its a couple of years since me and my husband saw him. Works miracles though.
  3. Mini2005

    Re-Painting Pool?

    If it's any help to anyone, I used to work for a company that manufactured specialist coatings including pool paint. Topline Paint, 33 Aldershot Road, Lonsdale are the manufacturers and they also have an outlet in the city - Shipway Spescoat. They do counter sales at Lonsdale and they give expert advise on this subject if anyone needs it.
  4. You do feel safer but this sort of thing also happens in Adelaide too. Our neighbour was robbed in Colonnades car park at 2pm in the afternoon. He was attacked by two youths who slashed his arm and stole his wallet.
  5. Mini2005

    PBS prices down

    Yes it is. I take thyroxin and all my scripts are free.
  6. Mini2005

    The clocks are changing

    I love it when the time difference is only 8.5 hours. Means we don't have to rush on a Sunday morning to ring the mother-in-law in Adelaide.
  7. Mini2005

    The clocks are changing

    The time difference changes to 9.5 hours this week and then goes to 8.5 hours next week.
  8. Mini2005

    Regular Transfer of Money

    We used HIFX both for transferring UK to Aus and then transferring back when we returned. Service and exchange rates they offer are hard to beat in my opinion. Moneycorp is similar I believe but haven't used them so can't comment.
  9. Mini2005

    Driving licences

    My husband's photocard expired whilst we lived in Adelaide. When we returned to live in the UK, I rang DVLA and asked them what we had to do. They said just get a new photo and send in the paper licence to renew the photocard. The actual licence doesn't run out but you have to renew the photocard.
  10. Mini2005

    Dog kennels in aldinga

    I can certainly tell you one to avoid in Aldinga. Better not say the name on here, but message me if you want the name. I visited the kennels beforehand and had recommendations from friends but I almost cried when we picked our dog back up. Will never use kennels again if I can avoid it.
  11. Mini2005

    travel insurance

    You should check out the medical side of things. I believe you are only eligible for free NHS if you are resident in the UK . Check out www.dh.gov.uk/en/Healthcare/Entitlementsandcharges/OverseasVisitors/Browsable/DH_074374
  12. We had a PR visa (Regional Sponsored) as my husband's sister and family have lived in Adelaide since 1998. Our daughter had just turned 13 when we went out there. My husband's mother also moved to Adelaide a couple of months after on a Contributory Parent Visa. She is still over there and would come back if she could face all the upheaval again. It did cost a lot to get the visa and move over but the rate was $2.40 to the pound when we went. When we came back in 2010 the rate was $1.65 to the pound so our house proceeds bought us a lot more pounds. After all that, we have no regrets about going over there for 5 years because we would always have regretted not giving it a go. It was an adventure and has made us appreciate the Uk a lot more than we did before. I would still tell anyone to give it a go.
  13. In our case there wasn't one main reason. We both had jobs and a beautiful house etc. Weighed up all the "for and against" reasons and then asked ourselves did we want to live there forever. Answer was no. Been back in Uk for 18 months and definitely made the right decision for us.
  14. Mini2005

    highest youth unemployment in Australia

    Government figures don't usually tell the whole story but I don't envy the kids these days wherever they are!
  15. Mini2005

    highest youth unemployment in Australia

    Apparently it's North Adelaide that is 30% but the average figure for Adelaide is 23.4% according to SA Government Workforce Data.

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